Where we work

Where we work

CVQO is supported in every area of the UK thanks to our network of Area and Regional Managers. So no matter if you’re based in deepest Cornwall or the most northern point of Scotland, we’ve got you covered.

Our operations team are a crucial part of CVQO and, supported by Vocational Qualifications Officers, make sure our learners have what they need to complete their qualifications.

Who should I speak to?

Richard Allen, South Area Managerra@cvqo.org

Richard covers the South-East of the UK, from Oxfordshire down to Hampshire and as far east as Kent

Steve Mills, East Area Managersm@cvqo.org

Steve covers the East of the UK, from Yorkshire down to the Midlands, across to East Anglia

Andy Webster, North and West Area Managerandrew.webster@cvqo.org

Andy covers the North and West of the UK, including Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset and Wales, all the way up to Cumbria, Scotland and Northern Ireland