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ILM Level 2 Award for Young Leaders

ILM Level 2 Award for Young Leaders

What is it and what will I learn?

The qualification is delivered by a team of CVQO instructors over two consecutive days and includes a combination of practical leadership activities and classroom-based theory lessons.

The course is aimed at 14 to 19-year-old cadets and is designed to challenge them to unlock their leadership potential. Learners will have loads of fun, learn how to motivate and inspire those around them while, of course, gaining an ILM Level 2 Award for Young Leaders.

The course includes topic areas such as: leadership styles, team development, problem solving, setting SMART objectives and using SWOT analysis.

Learners will be assessed through their written work, observations made by an instructor, peer feedback and self-assessment. Workbooks will be completed during the course and assessed by CVQO instructors.

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Length of study:
1 year of experience, 2 day course
Age range:
14 - 19
Awarded badge:
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