About our ILM qualifications

Find out about our ILM qualifications

Our ILM qualifications focus largely on elements of leadership and management. The courses are delivered via a combination of practical and written work.

The qualifications recognise interpersonal skills that often aren’t widely developed in formal education, meaning our learners gain experience that can move them above other candidates when applying for places in further education or employment.

  • The ILM Level 2 Award for Young Leaders is delivered over two consecutive days and recommended for 14-16 year old learners. It’s a terrific introduction to leadership concepts, with an exciting blend of hands-on, practical tasks and classroom work. We also offer an ILM Level 2 in Effective Team Member Skills.
  • The ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management is aimed at 16-19 year olds and takes these concepts a step further, equipping new or aspiring managers with a qualification that’s valued by employers – it’s also the qualification our CVQO Westminster Award finalists and Leadership Course participants gain.
  • Our ILM Level 4 and 5 qualifications are directly accredited by attending Cadet Force Adult Volunteer courses (e.g. ACF Initial Officer Training Course, ATC Officers’ Initial Course or ACF KGVI Course).

Frequently asked ILM questions

  • Please contact us to get the latest information on funding for the ILM Level 2 Young Leaders course.

    • Step 1: Read the information about what CFAVs are expected to provide for a booking to be confirmed by clicking here
    • Step 2: Read the FAQs and complete a course enquiry form here
    • Step 3: Enquiry passed to CVQO Regional Manager, who will discuss your course
    • Step 4: CVQO will contact you to move the enquiry forward and complete admin
    • Step 5: Course takes place, workbooks completed and feedback collected
    • Step 6: Assessment of work and certificates!
  • Yes. Our ILM qualifications are well suited to school and college environments. They are a brilliant addition to standard curriculums and offer complimentary leadership and management qualifications, for example to prefects or those with leadership responsibilities.

  • The ILM Level 4 can be completed by attending either the ACF Initial Officer Training course or the ATC Officers’ Initial Course. The ILM Level 5 can be completed by attending either the ATC Squadron Commander’ Course, the Royal Marines Band Service BI Course or the ACF’s King George VI Memorial Leadership Training Course.

Putting the ILM Level 3 Award on my university application gives me the edge over others my age applying for the same course.

It gives me a better chance of being selected as it shows that I have a level of commitment and leadership above others who have not completed the qualification.

Georgia Allison