About our BTEC qualifications

Find out about our BTEC qualifications

We offer a range of fantastic BTEC qualifications to suit all ages and abilities.

Learners can enrol with us as early as 13 on a BTEC Level 1, progressing to a BTEC Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community, then potentially a BTEC Level 3 in Education and Training, our introductory professional teaching qualification.

We recognise that all young people learn differently, which is why we’ve developed our BTECs to be as accessible as possible. The qualifications provide valuable recognition of ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork, resilience and citizenship – potential game-changers whether you’re applying to university, considering an apprenticeship or just looking to add another string to your bow.

Give us three minutes and we’ll tell you a bit more in the video below:

Frequently asked BTEC questions

  • Sadly not, no.

    • BTEC Level 1 qualifications are currently self-funded courses
    • BTEC Level 2 qualifications are fully funded by CVQO for learners meeting the age criteria each academic year
    • BTEC Level 3 in Education and Training: this is a self funded course

    As always, if in any doubt, the best thing is to contact us at btec@cvqo.org and ask!

  • Yes you can! Drop us an email at btec@cvqo.org and we’ll send you a guide that shows how you can do this.

  • The BTEC Level 3 in Education and Training in itself is not a recognised teaching qualification, but it does lead to the Level 4 and 5 which are. We plan to add these to our prospectus soon.

When I first heard about CVQO I was only in secondary school, finishing my GCSEs, so for me to have the option to gain a BTEC Level 2 so early on was huge since I knew only a select few would have a qualification like this at my age.

Adam Toy