ILM Level 2 Young Leaders course FAQs

ILM Level 2 Young Leaders - frequently asked questions

  • The Award is available to all youth organisations and schools, however fees apply. If interested, please email to further discuss your requirements.

  • It is recommended that cadets / young people should be aged between 14-16 on the date of delivery and they must have accrued some leadership experience.

  • The minimum is 12 and maximum 36. Our ratio is 1 instructor to 6 cadets due to the length of the assessment tasks on day 2. Groups need to be 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36.

    If you have a lower number, such as 12 or 18, we may ask if you will open up the opportunity to neighbouring cadet forces, as it is more financially viable to run courses for 24, 30 or 36 cadets.

  • Your details will automatically be uploaded to CVQO and a member of the Young Leaders team will be in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

  • We will try to accommodate all enquiries. However, we will consult with your Regional Manager for advice on the way in which your unit interacts with CVQO.

    Additionally, we need reassurance that you are able to accommodate the cadets and CVQO instructors for the duration of the course.

  • The point of contact registering the course will need to submit some admin for the course to run.

    These will be sent once the booking is confirmed by CVQO. The forms include:

    • Course agreement
    • Pre-course checklist
    • Model release form (these must be signed by parents/guardians and collected by the host organisation prior to the course and handed to the Lead Instructor on arrival)
    • Nominal roll form (must be returned via email to CVQO at least 7 days prior to the course)

    Organisations will also be asked to email a copy of their admin instructions for the course and venue risk assessment

    A sample of each form can be viewed on our website. Completed sample forms will not be accepted.

  • The host organisation is responsible for the welfare and behaviour of the cadets attending a course.

    CVQO will provide a risk assessment for the course and practical activities. The lead instructor will update this on their arrival with the point of contact from the host organisation.

  • Rooms should be able to comfortably accommodate up to 18 learners at any one time. CVQO will provide projectors and resources for each course.

    If there is poor weather some of the tasks may require a large internal space.

  • The CVQO-led Young Leaders Award is a two-day programme. To support the operational delivery of the course, organisations are expected to provide suitable overnight accommodation and food for the duration of the course.

    Beds for male and female instructors should be provided in separate sleeping areas along with suitable wash/showering facilities. You will need to notify the Lead Instructor on the pre-course checklist should sleeping bags and/or pillows be needed.

    Meals provided should include sufficient choice to cater for dietary requirements. The first catered meal that we would expect is breakfast on day 1 of the course.

  • CVQO instructors will be delivering the course however it is expected the host organisation provides enough CFAVs to cover the appropriate number of cadets attending on both days.

  • The host organisation will be expected to provide appropriate support to learners with additional learning needs to aid them achieve the qualification.

  • Not if the learner passes all the criteria – the course will be completed over the 2 days and the instructors will be assessing the cadet’s work.

    If a cadet has to re-write any answers they will need to re-submit using CVQO’s virtual learning environment (VLE), Moodle. You should encourage the cadet to resubmit their work by the deadline date.

  • For some courses the CVQO instructors will arrive on the evening before. In this case, if appropriate, the instructors will certainly try and start the course that evening, which will allow more time over the 2 days to run additional tasks and activities.

  • We aim to return learner’s feedback within 6 weeks. This will be sent to the learners via email. Feedback is also available on Moodle. VQOs can view feedback using CVQO online.

  • Once learners achieve a ‘Pass’, CVQO must request certificates from ILM. Certificates will be sent directly to the named contact who booked the course. This process takes approximately 4 weeks.

  • If you are able to present the certificates in a formal manner, with photos, this will support and enhance the achievements of the learners.

    Please send in photos to CVQO by emailing Simon Reeves:

    Alternatively post on twitter including #CVQOYLA, so CVQO can share your success story.

    To register your interest for a CVQO-led Young Leaders Course, fill out the expression of interest booking form by clicking here.

I have seen first-hand the fantastic opportunities and experience that being a cadet can bring to young people.

“Skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership are vital, practical skills that are so valued by employers, whichever path you choose.

“CVQO are rightly recognising the skills and abilities of our cadet forces with qualifications that will help set them on their path to success.

Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education