CVQO Westminster Award 2022 nomination form

Westminster Award 2022 nomination form

CVQO Westminster Award 2022 nomination form

Thanks for your interest in the 2022 CVQO Westminster Award. We receive lots of nominations each year, so the more information you can give us that makes your nominee stand out from the crowd, the better! Your nominee is already a great cadet BUT we’re looking for selfless, determined individuals who always keep their heads up and remain positive. We want to hear about special characters who have truly made a difference, no matter how small. Please tell us about a time when your nominee demonstrated selflessness, community spirit or altruism. Maybe they went out of their way to help a friend or family member, overcame a personal challenge, or pitched in to assist their local community. Tie into CVQO’s values (e.g. going the extra mile, caring and supportive) if you can. This is the ethos of the CVQO Westminster Award. Before hitting ‘send’ double check your nominee meets the criteria – that they are in the right age bracket (born between 1st September 2003 and 31st August 2005) and that they are enrolled on or have completed a CVQO BTEC Level 2 qualification. Nominations can be submitted by a cadet on behalf of a fellow cadet, but please note that an endorsement MUST be provided in Section 4 by a CFAV.

Section 1 - about you (the nominator)

Section 2 - about your nominee

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Section 3 - your nomination

Please enter your nomination here. If you need to attach any further information you can do so but remember to ensure that any attachments clearly reference your nominee! This section can be written by a cadet or CFAV. Please note that if the nomination is made by a cadet, then an endorsement MUST be provided by a CFAV in Section 4 below.

Section 4 - the endorsement

If Section 3 (the nomination) has been written by a cadet, then this part MUST be completed by a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer at your unit. If Section 3 has been written by a CFAV, then this area is optional and can be written by a fellow cadet, CFAV or anyone else who wishes to endorse the nomination.
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