BTEC Level 2 20/21 academic year information

BTEC Level 2 20/21 academic year information

As we move closer to beginning the new CVQO BTEC Level 2 academic year, we have made some changes to the way we deliver our qualifications. These are of course due to the challenges being faced across the UK at the moment, but those challenges also present opportunities.

It is more important than ever that young people can access qualifications providing them with the best chance of success in life. Though we have had to make some changes, one thing that will not change is the fantastic level of support and opportunities our learners can expect from us.

So how will our new academic year work and what’s coming up?

Enrolment dates

Firstly our 20/21 BTEC Level 2 academic year opened on 1 August for learners meeting the eligibility criteria. To register your interest now, please click this link:


Online tutorials and virtual unit visits

We will be providing online learner tutorials and virtual unit visits via Zoom. With face-to-face cadet training suspended or limited until further notice, our priority is to ensure continuity in the delivery of CVQO qualifications.

BTEC Level 2 enrolment process

We have developed an online enrolment process, meaning learners will no longer need to complete a paper form. We will provide a further update on how this will work very soon.

Electronic resource materials

Our BTEC Level 2 resource books (along with many others) have been adapted for electronic use. We will still be providing paper workbooks and learner guides for those who require them, but our preference is for electronic resources moving forward.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

We will be giving learners the opportunity to enrol on a Moodle version of the BTEC Level 2 for the first time. The qualification will still be delivered by either a CVQO Regional Manager or Vocational Qualification Officer, but learners will be able to submit their work directly into Moodle.

Initial advice and guidance (IAG) sessions

CVQO will soon be offering initial advice and guidance (IAG) sessions on BTEC Level 2 enrolment and delivery for all Cadet Forces and youth groups. These will be advertised on our website.

VQO Conference 2020

Following the success of our event last October, we are planning to run a virtual VQO Conference later in 2020. Again this will be run on Zoom and further information will be available as soon as we have it.

As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to helping as many young people and CFAVs as possible benefit from CVQO qualifications in the months and years to come.

Michele Parry, Deputy Chief Executive and Director Quality and Curriculum