BTEC Level 2 20/21 academic year administration

BTEC Level 2 - 20/21 academic year administration

On this page, you will find all the necessary administration required to help you run and complete one of our 20/21 academic year BTEC Level 2 qualifications.

You will also find a set of BTEC Level 2 RPL (recognition of prior learning) guides intended to help you identify which aspects of the BTEC Level 2 are covered by areas of each Cadet Force syllabus.


Being involved with CVQO has broadened my horizons beyond the bounds of inner city London where I grew up. The interview practice and feedback that constituted part of the CVQO-led BTEC curriculum provided me with a foundation that I used in preparation for my interview at the University of Cambridge.

Precious Oyelade, 2012 CVQO Duke of Westminster Award finalist