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Harvey Baker – 303 Worksop Squadron RAFAC – BTEC Level 2

Harvey Baker, of 303 Worksop Squadron RAFAC, worked on his BTEC Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development in the community with CVQO during lockdown this year.
He found the combination of electronic workbooks and Zoom tutorials gave him something positive to focus on and knows the qualification will help him with his future plans.


Hi Harvey, how have you found working on the CVQO BTEC Level 2 online / through lockdown?

“I found the online theory sessions very convenient, as they were delivered later on in the evening (around 18:00). This allowed me to complete all my school work during the day, and eventually allowed me to complete homework and driving lessons after school once lockdown had ended.

“I never felt like I was falling behind in school as a result of attending these CVQO sessions. They rarely exceeded 2 hours in duration, during which I had plenty of time to complete my theory work with the full support of my educators. The work sat alongside my other studies very well and often required me to recount my team working and leadership experiences, or to recall the skills these experiences taught me.”

What have been the most useful aspects of the BTEC Level 2 qualification?

“It has been very useful for me to gain an insight into how different leadership and teamwork skills are used by the military and emergency services. This is important for not just appreciating their impressive dedication and ability, but for determining how I would fare in the situations these people face.

“The qualification has also been useful for me to evaluate my teamwork abilities and see how they can be improved for when face-to-face activity resumes on squadron. This will make me a better cadet sergeant, and (fingers crossed) increase my likelihood of promotion.”

How do you think the qualification will help you in your future plans?

“I intend to join the RAF in the future, and with this CVQO qualification, I have already proved my leadership and teamworking potential. This will put me at a great advantage above my peers when applying, and during training, as I am already equipped with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.”

Why do you think young people should make the most of qualifications like this?

“Many people already have the skills and experience necessary to cover a large portion of the content of this course, but aren’t professionally accredited for it. This qualification, and others like it, are great at recognising the things people have already done that are demonstrative of their abilities. This means that often, all you need to do to gain these awards is a few hours of theory, as the practical elements have been completed through your life experiences.”

How do you see this qualification sitting alongside the others you have gained?

“While my GCSEs are reflective of my academic ability, this CVQO award is prominent for being the most telling about my social skills and vocational qualities. I find these qualities to be of equal importance when entering higher education and the workplace, so it is important to be able to prove to employers that you have these skills. This award is a perfect way of conveying these capabilities; in some ways even more so than traditional academic qualifications.”

With so much disruption to school and college this year, how do you think achieving the BTEC virtually has helped your mental health and wellbeing?

“I found it very refreshing to finally verbally communicate in an educational environment, after many months of lockdown, and with school still shut. The stimulating theory lessons, delivered via Zoom, were not overwhelming at all, and I always felt supported and motivated by my educators. These weekly sessions provided a smooth transition from my summer holiday back into education.”