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Georgia Allen – ILM Level 5

Lt Georgia Allen recently completed her CVQO-led ILM Level 5, undertaken while at the KGVI Memorial Leadership Training Course at Frimley Park CTC.

“Most of my academic qualifications are in Mathematics and Accountancy, so the CVQO-led ILM Level 5 has provided me with the opportunity to look into progressing into management or team leadership roles within the workplace.

“Within the ACF the qualification has helped me to develop personal skills and prepare for progression to middle management roles within a company or county HQ.

“Having completed the CVQO-led ILM Level 4 during the Initial Officer Training course, the Level 5 was a natural step up and is offered at the KGVI course, which runs at Frimley Park.

“It gave me a chance to enhance the leadership theories learnt during both courses and use these to implement change, both physically through action and within myself through character assessment, when leading and managing others.

“Undertaking the CVQO-led ILM Level 5 has taught me to appreciate personal and professional development, not only for myself as the individual, but for the benefit of the Army Cadet Force.

“I have gained confidence in my ability and knowledge of being a leader and have started to believe in my own capabilities more through seeing the qualification in action within the ACF environment.

“I love to learn, and participating in challenging courses and qualifications, to me, isn’t always about the end certificate and qualification that you receive but about the journey of progression and self-awareness which happens throughout. Undertaking more courses and qualifications I aspire to develop not only myself but others around me.

“I would like to continue developing leadership and management skills and wish to undertake the CVQO-led City & Guilds Level 5 or 6 as I progress through the ACF. I have also learnt of other interesting qualifications offered by CVQO, such as the BTEC Level 3 award in Education and Training.”