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Darrell Dadson – City & Guilds Level 5 Professional Recognition Award

Darrell Dadson, Customer Delivery Manager at British Gas, told us a bit about his City & Guilds Professional Recognition Award and what gaining the qualification means to him.

How does achieving the PRA make you feel?

“At school, I was told I was thick and wouldn’t amount to anything. I left in 1982 with few qualifications and worked 12-16 hour days in a factory from the age of 16 for 21 years. The factory had no windows, it was loud, dirty, smelly and very hot.

“I should not have listened to what I was told at school. It was only when I joined British Gas that I was given the opportunities that I deserved. I still can’t help that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I might have achieved more if I had pushed harder earlier in my career. Perhaps self-belief is as important as a qualification – it just took me longer to see it.

“The news that I had passed made my wife cry with joy. Wow I should have done it years ago!”

How has the qualification improved the way you approach work at British Gas?

“It has made me think in a better way to understand and explain the tasks that we ask engineers to undertake on our behalf. I now tend to explain the rationale behind why I’m asking them to do something, making them feel included in the decision-making process.”

How do you intend to use your qualification in your future plans?

“With the uncertainty currently looming over us all at the moment it will definitely stand me in good stead for the future. I can now state that I have 10 years’ experience of managing a team with the back-up of a qualification to prove it!”

What would you say to another learner to inspire them to sign up?

“Don’t wait until you are 54 to learn more! On reflection I should have done this at the beginning of my career not the end. I can’t help thinking what could I have been.”

How would you summarise the key benefits of the City & Guilds PRA you studied with CVQO?

“Having been chosen by British Gas to do this course alongside only 10 other people, I feel immensely privileged and humbled. Furthermore, this will help British Gas in the long-term and I hope to help others follow my path, should they be asked in the future.”