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Ashley Harkness – 225 (Brighton No1) RAF Air Cadets

Ashley Harkness, of 225 (Brighton No1) RAF Air Cadets, completed his CVQO BTEC Level 2 qualification during lockdown. Here is his story:

“I decided to enrol on the CVQO BTEC Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development because at the time I saw it as an extra opportunity and qualification. At the time, I didn’t recognise it as a big opportunity and saw it as just another qualification; I didn’t realise how much it will help me in the future.

“I didn’t leave school with many qualifications – 2 GCSEs to be exact. I have slowly built up the required amount of Level 2 qualifications to allow me to continue onto advanced level courses and will eventually be able to attend university. Without the BTEC provided by CVQO, I would not have enough Level 2 qualifications to meet the entry requirements for most universities.

“I think all young people should make the most of this opportunity because you never know what will happen in the future. I assumed that I was going to attain amazing grades at secondary school but in fact really struggled with the exams.

“You never know when qualifications like the CVQO BTEC Level 2 will come in handy, but at some point it may really help you with things like job and university applications.

“I took things for granted before I enrolled into the Teamwork and Personal Development BTEC, and only recently have I realised how much the BTEC will help me in the future. Things like the BTEC are something that employers really love, because it shows that learners understand how to work in a team and can excel in the workplace.

“It is such an accessible course for such a great reward that could help you in any stage of your life. Whether through the skills that you have learned through the BTEC or the certificate itself, it might help you land your dream job.

I personally thought that remote study for the BTEC was just as straightforward as if it were face-to-face. Staff and resources were readily available, both on the CVQO Moodle and via email.

“Once I had completed and sent off the second workbook, it felt great. It took me a little bit longer than I expected but I certainly felt I had achieved something.

“The hard work dedicated to this BTEC has finally paid off. Being able to attain a Level 2 qualification in this way is truly unreal – such an easy process for something that will help me greatly in the future.
“I am very grateful for the opportunity to undertake this BTEC through CVQO and strongly encourage others to enrol as well. You never know when you might need another qualification to be able to stand out from the crowd.”