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UTC Reading students work together to gain teamwork skills

We spoke to Neil Pouney, Vice Principal at UTC Reading and Contingent Commander of UTC Reading Combined Cadet Force about the experiences his learners had studying a CVQO-led ILM Level 2 in Effective Team Member Skills remotely during lockdown this year.

How have your learners found working on the ILM Level 2 ETMS online, through lockdown?
“They liked that it was something different to the other online lessons they were having, something that would lead to a professional qualification (our students love a professional qualification). It was also formalising things they had been learning at cadets.”

What have been the most useful aspects of the qualification?
“They liked the refection on their practice.  We always look for them to be reflective learners, so the ILM Level 2 ETMS worked well.”

Why do you think young people should make the most of qualifications like this?
“It’s about taking opportunities. While lots of young people across the country were barely getting any learning, these students were taking the chance to gain something extra, getting ahead of their peers. That’s a priceless lesson for them.”

Do you think having the course to focus on during lockdown has had a positive impact on your learners’ mental health and wellbeing?
“Although our students did have online lessons during lockdown, the fact they were able to add value from a cadet point of view was very beneficial for their mental health. Our students are quite well connected on LinkedIn, too, and they had some really positive feedback on there from industrial links which was good.”

How do you see this qualification sitting alongside the others in your curriculum?
“We are trying to embed the ILM Level 2 ETMS in year 10/11 and we are also looking to embed the ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management qualification for our 6th formers.”

How do you think the qualification will help your learners in their future plans?
“The opportunity to reflect on their experiences was very valuable and the ILM membership added to the other professional qualifications our students achieve.”