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Annette Hewitson – City & Guilds Level 7 Professional Recognition Award

Annette Hewitson is an Executive Warrant Officer in the Sea Cadet Corps and recently completed her City & Guilds Membership (Level 7) Award. Here is her story.

Was there a reason you undertook the qualification in the first place?

“I always wanted to achieve a master’s degree level qualification, but with me working full time, going back to university was not an option. The flexibility CVQO qualifications offered me gave me this opportunity.“

How would you summarise the key benefits of the City & Guilds PRA?

“Career-enhancing, a brilliant opportunity to support current skills and enhance and learn new ones.  It has given me opportunities to reflect on past practice to shape my future, both within and outside cadets.”

Was there any particular aspect that made you look at your approach to work / Sea Cadets differently?

“Yes, I found that taking a step back to approach things helped me focus on what I needed to achieve. I am quite routine-driven and sometimes will see something happen and react quickly. This qualification has enabled me to take my time, think about the outcome and how am I going to achieve it, to be more proactive.”

What would you say to another learner to inspire them to sign up and give it a go?

“As an individual with additional learning needs like dyslexia, I have had lots of challenges to deal with during my career. Gaining this qualification has been so rewarding. For those out there who feel that they cannot achieve something like this, I am an example of what you can do when you set your mind to it – the world is your oyster!”

How does achieving the City & Guilds PRA make you feel?

“Amazing! I never thought I would get to this level in my career. I cannot explain the sense of pride I have in myself. I underestimate my abilities a lot, especially when it comes to my additional learning needs. This has given me the confidence to trust my skills, knowledge and experience – and to say ‘you got this’.”

How do you intend to use your qualification in your future plans?

“I think that if I decide to move or change careers, holding this level of qualification gives me the opportunity to apply for senior management roles within social care.”