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Michèle Parry

Michèle Parry graduated from Newcastle upon Tyne University with a BA with Honours in Modern Languages. Following her love of languages and travel she then spent 7 years abroad living in France, Sweden, Germany and then eventually Australia.

Once back on terra firma, Michèle then spent two years at Surrey University studying for a Masters in Translation and worked as a freelance translator for over a decade whilst bringing up a young family. She joined CVQO in 2007 and was promoted first to a new role within CVQO, Quality Control Manager, and then to Head of Quality and Curriculum.

Her interests are playing the piano, pilates, swimming and languages. Over the last few years she has taught German at a local FE college and piano to adults and children in her spare time. Michèle has just completed a two-year Masters in Management and is currently taking a break from studying!