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Poppy’s CVQO journey

“As a young adult, CVQO has really helped me to achieve great things and has made me the person I am today. I first learnt about the organisation when I joined the Royal Air Force Air Cadets in 2015, learning all about the variety of qualifications including BTEC and ILM qualifications which they offer to young people.

“As an academically driven individual, the chance to engage in the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development really appealed to me, yet when I actually began undertaking the qualification, I realised it was so much more than just an academic qualification.

“The course was filled with practical teamwork activities and moments for reflection on how we can develop ourselves as future leaders and as people. Implementing the skills which I learnt whilst undertaking this qualification has allowed me to understand my strengths and areas for development, which has enhanced my performance within Air Cadets, university, and in my personal life.

“My experience undertaking the BTEC qualification with CVQO encouraged me to apply for the CVQO Westminster Award in 2020. I was fortunate enough to reach the final and as a result of this, I undertook the ILM Level 3 qualification. This further developed my leadership skills and allowed me to extensively consider how I can move forward in a management capacity; being able to motivate and inspire young people to improve their confidence and to build professional relationships which are crucial in any setting.

“After commencing my Law degree at Lancaster University last October, I was determined to use the skills that I had learnt through in a new way and to inspire others to do the same. I was recently appointed as the BTEC officer at 345 Lancaster Squadron RAFAC, and since then I have been undertaking training to be able to deliver the BTEC Level 2 qualification to other young people, something which I am really passionate about.

“CVQO has given me so many incredible opportunities, and I am so excited that I can finally give something back and help the next generation of leaders to develop themselves. I have already started to enrol and teach cadets the qualification, and I am so excited to be able to see them develop further as a result of this fantastic course.

“Going from being a learner with CVQO to becoming an instructor and mentor on the BTEC Level 2 course is such an exciting opportunity, and I would truly encourage anyone who is eligible for the qualifications CVQO offers to get involved, because you never know what amazing opportunities and pathways they will lead you to.”