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ACFA rebrands to Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT)

Following external research, the ACFA has decided to change its name for only the second time in its history and will now be known as the ACCT (Army Cadet Charitable Trust).

The ACFA’s new name identifies it as a charity and is directly linked and associated with the ACF.

By adopting its new name of The Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT) UK, the organisation wanted to make clear its work as a charity, highlighting the continuing funds and grant programmes it offers to young people in the UK – and to the cadets and adult volunteers of the Army Cadet Force.

The ACCT’s new logo is shaped by one simple unifying idea that supports its brand essence: ‘guiding young people to success’. The star outline used at the heart of the logo is based upon the Army Cadet achievement badge that cadets proudly wear and it is this shape that maintains the charity’s historical link with the ACF.

The shining star with its inclusive colours, represents inspiration and a compass for navigation, providing guidance and direction for young people through life’s pathways and at crossroads to their futures.

You can visit the ACCT’s new website here:

As a key CVQO partner, we wish the ACCT well with this new endeavour and look forward to supporting them and their young people in the future.