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University of Northampton report celebrates impact of Cadet Forces and CVQO qualifications

A four-year study by the University of Northampton into the impact of the Cadet Forces and CVQO qualifications was released today, with some very positive conclusions.


Some of the most impactful findings include the overall impact of CVQO qualifications on cadets and CFAVs, how skills such as communication, confidence and leadership can benefit young people, adult volunteers and employers and how the Cadet Forces are effective at supporting cadets to achieve their true potential.

“There is a very strong belief that CVQO courses have great value for CFAVs. The training offered is particularly useful for those CFAVs with few or no qualifications.
“The qualifications and awards that CFAVs have gained are estimated as providing the current cohort with potential lifetime earnings increases of £15.58 million. Additionally, CFAVs gain significant personal and social benefits from their volunteering.”

It also looked into supporting, encouraging and developing cadets who receive Free School Meals to achieve their potential, how the Cadet Forces help make communities more inclusive and, importantly, how young people that have been excluded from school but join cadets are more likely to improve their attendance and behaviour.

The study was commissioned in July 2016 with the intention of understanding the social impact of the spending on cadets and the Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP), as well as the benefits of the qualifications provided by CVQO.

Although the financial value of every aspect of social impact delivered by the MOD Cadet Forces is not possible to quantify exactly, the evidence concluded that the first interim report clearly demonstrates the value Cadet Forces deliver is vastly greater than their annual cost.

To read the full report, click here.