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New process means learners will receive certificates quicker

As cadet units and youth groups around the UK are at different stages of face-to-face training, and due to the COVID restrictions with many units either not having returned yet or taking mail, we are now sending certificates directly to our learners.

What this does mean is that we are having to perform more checks on the integrity of our data to make certain the certificates are being sent to the correct place. In the first instance, we are emailing each learner to confirm their address; if we don’t receive a response, the learner will receive a text message.

Therefore if you receive a text message from CVQO asking you to confirm the accuracy of your address, please don’t worry – it is genuine!

Although it’s a great shame that many learners won’t have the chance to celebrate with their fellow cadets this year, we recognise that being able to use your CVQO qualifications to help you on your chosen path is more important.

As always, if you have a question about any aspect of this process, please let us know.